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Friday, May 4, 2012

While we're on the subject...

Since we're talking about boobs... Well, since I'm talking about boobs... What's with grown women wearing unlined, unpadded bras when they know they are particularly subject to the deer in the headlights phenomenon? Seriously, I get that it's cold in New England, I do. But all the more reason to bundle up, especially "the girls!" Maybe when you're 22, slutting it up at the bars and trying to find someone to hook up with, perky pokey nipples are appropriate and even strategic, but when you're in a professional setting, say giving a presentation to colleagues, frost detectors aren't exactly welcome guests. I don't mean to sound judgmental here, but just a couple of pointers (no pun intended. Well, sort of...): 1) Wear a bra. 2) Wear a bra with some support. 3) Wear a bra with at least two layers of fabric in the key areas, or padding. 4) If you must go braless or really can't bring yourself to buy a padded or lined bra, at least, for the love of God, wear a shirt with a pattern or print on it!

And what about colored bras under see-through shirts? Again, somewhat acceptable at frat parties and strip clubs (maybe those aren't such different venues?), but not so much at the doctor's office, the grocery store, or the library. Maybe I'm getting old, but I just don't get it. Lingerie is not an accessory and isn't designed to be seen - at least not by complete strangers and in public places. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination? And to make matters worse, what about the girls who wear nasty ratty beat up bras and show them off through their ill fitting and/or see-through shirts? Is that due to poor hygiene and/or a lack of a mirror by the door to "check yourself before you wreck yourself" or is it just due to poor judgement and delusional thinking that that actually looks sexy and good? I just can't figure it out, but it's late and I'm not at work. I'll save figuring out this Eighth Wonder of the World for Monday morning, when I can get paid to engage in such a useless (and hopeless) pursuit of knowledge (of course, that word being very loosely defined!)...

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