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Monday, March 5, 2012

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Posts

Maybe my creative juices have dried up? I am 34, after all. Maybe I've surpassed my snarkiness prime? I haven't blogged in a while because I just don't know what to write. Well, that, and I haven't been able to stop playing Words With Friends long enough to string a word of more than seven letters together at any given time, much less multiple words. But seriously - where did all my creativity and irreverance go? I guess I'm going through a dry spell. I sure hope it doesn't last seven years.

So - let me see what I can come up with. I'm hoping by posting something today - anything - it will help get said juices flowing again and help me get my snojo (snarky mojo, to all you irascibility virgins out there) back. Hmmm...


*still thinking*

*come on come on come on something snarky and blogworthy has to be in there i know it is just come on out*


Okay - I've got something. It's weak, but I'm out of practice. It's all I've got. Take it or leave it.

Who decided to make toothpaste blue? Secondly, who decided to make bathroom sinks white? Seriously - did anyone not see this coming? No matter how obsessive and/or compulsive one is or how good of aim one has (with toothpaste to toothbrush application, spitting, and the post-brush wipe down while simultaneously trying not to pay attention to that invisible crust you feel, too), it's physically impossible to get it all out. That little hole (you know, the one that is supposed to help you out in case you lose all of your faculties and/or abandon your previously-clutched-to-with-all-your-might environmentalist morals and walk away from the bathroom while leaving the faucet on full blast and the drain plug, which never actually makes a complete seal, anyway, plugged) is the worst culprit of all! It's like a little blue toothpaste magnet (well, that and shedded hair, earrings or other small valuables, and miscellaneous fuzzies that we won't ever ever think where they might have come from). Not only does it attract toothpaste like it's its day job, but it is so small and oddly shaped that it's impossible to get said toothpaste refuse out. Even with a sponge, a q-tip, a toothpick, or your unsuspecting partner's toothbrush. So - where does this age old blue vs. white dilemma leave me? The way I see it, I essentially have two options. 1: I could realign my priorities and decide that a clean sink is worth green-fuzzy-feeling, wooly-sweater-wearing teeth, or 2: start shopping compulsively for white whitening toothpaste and hope it works on my sink as well as my uber shiny, squeaky clean, sweaterless teeth. I'm leaning toward door #2 (probably no surprise, since it gives me a good excuse to go shopping!), but with the right persuasion, I could probably come over to the dark (but non-blue sink) side. What's your vote?

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